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The Tyrtle Beach Youth Fund “Drive/Campaign” starts the beginning April 1st of each year.    It is basically a “Radio-a-Thon” (phoned in pledges) to WVIN/WABH Radio, Bath, NY.  The kickoff is announced in the press and on a variety of radio stations.  The public effort essentially ends the last Friday in April with a community event and official “Jump” at Lake Salubria on the outskirts of Bath.

During April, those wishing to donate should call in their pledge to WVIN/WABH Radio at (607) 776-7626. The donor should state their name, amount of pledge and telephone number.  Names and pledge amounts (unless anonymous) are announced on the air.  A special “sounder” is broadcast for pledges/donations of $100 or more.

The donor should then (immediately is best) mail in a check in the amount of their pledge to WVIN/WABH Radio, PO Box 72, Bath, NY 14810.  Checks should be made payable to “WVIN Youth Fund”.  If the pledge donor is not the name on the check a note should be included stating who made the pledge.

Most important – actual payments should be made during the month of April.  This is so an accurate tally can be announced and funds deposited.  By prompt payment the funds can be distributed on a timely basis to the youth programs.  Note – 100% of the donations are allocated to youth programs as approved by the Steuben County Youth Board. (2015 Allocation List)

“Challenge giving” is an exciting and successful plus to Tyrtle Beach.  Businesses, professionals, co-workers, school staff, service clubs, - any group challenging a similar group to meet or beat a “challenge pledge/donation” truly works.  It certainly is fun and gains a lot of attention.

Another quite successful tactic is employee groups, clubs or organizations conducting special events or activities during April with proceeds donated to Tyrtle Beach Youth Fund.  Examples of the past are 50/50 raffles, bake goods sales, prize raffles, and even a Dinner Theater.  These activities also generate excitement and fun.

Donations range from a few dollars to thousands.  Most from individuals are in the $20 - $100 range.  Small Businesses often are $100 plus.  Large Businesses, Corporations, and Group Efforts will range from $1,000 - $3,000 plus.

Every dollar counts – every donated dollar goes for youth services in Central Steuben County. (Donation History)

BATH  NY  14810

For more information: 
Steuben County Youth Bureau
(607) 664-2119






“Tyrtle Beach is one of the best experiences that I have ever had in my life.  I am extremely proud to have been a part of the 2005 event.”

Heather Wheaton
Investigator & former School Resource Officer,Bath Police Department & 2005 Jumper





“Our sponsorship with the Tyrtle Beach event has been very beneficial as a corporate citizen.  We believe that this is one of the most unique and cost efficient ways of dealing with the many grass roots youth groups in Steuben County.”

Ron Allison
Vice President, Chemung Canal Trust Company